Environmental management activities

Guiding Principle

Hirose Industry Co. Ltd. recognizes that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to mankind and we are committed as an organization to strive and reduce the environmental burden.


Hirose Industry Co., Ltd is engaged in business activities that are related to the environment, such as manufacturing of automobile components, sewing machine parts, and hydraulic equipment parts, and we recognize that implementation of measures to protect the environment is one of the most important issues. In future, we will aim at “People- and Earth-friendly factory operations”, operate an environmental management system and work on improving the system.

Information on environmental management activities

  1. Hirose will strive to improve environmental conservation and prevent environmental pollution by taking initiatives for the following items in all the processes implemented by us.
    • We will contribute to the reduction of CO2 by striving to reduce consumption of electricity, oils, and vehicle fuels.
    • We will thoroughly classify and segregate waste, promote recycling and reduction in waste generation.
    • We will strive to prevent depletion of natural resources by reducing the use of paper and promote greening of the earth.
    • We will strive to reduce the noise generated during operations.
    • We will set the objectives and targets for each of the above items and review them periodically.
  2. Hirose will comply with the environment-related laws and regulations applicable to our company, Kyoto Prefectural Ordinance, Kyotango City Ordinance, and environment-related requirements from customers and other stakeholders.
  3. Hirose will document and distribute the environmental policy so that all employees and in-house subcontractors have a thorough understanding and we will strive to provide education on environmental conservation activities.

    We will publish this environmental policy based on requests from outside parties including residents in the vicinity.

ISO Certification Registration Certificate

ISO認証 登録書