Features of Our Company

Corporate Philosophy

Various activities

The whole company works together to implement various initiatives for promotion of technological improvements.
Hirose is making steady progress to improve technology by deploying initiatives involving young human resources who will be responsible for the future.
Hirose recognizes environmental issues and considers them as one of the most important issues. We have obtained ISO 14001 certification and are deploying environmental management activities aimed at “People- and Earth-friendly factory operations”.

In the factory, we have setup ultra-high precision machining equipment for 3D multi-axis machining and machining of precision parts ranging from a single component to mass production. We are a lively company aiming at continued development with all the employees including the president engaging in production with solidarity.

We are proud of our 6S activities (Housekeeping, Organize, Cleanliness, Cleanup, Precision, and Discipline) that we have followed for a long time.

  • Environmental management activities
  • Human Resources Development Program