Recruitment Information

Recruitment of employees

Requirements for recruitment Hirose is recruiting young candidates to be nurtured as engineers!!
We are recruiting experienced candidates (managers and technical experts) of all ages
How to Apply Please contact by phone or email.
Company Name Hirose Industry Co., Ltd.
Location 743, Omiyacho Zennoji, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto, 629-2504
In-house events and awards system Previous company outings: Okinawa, Hokkaido, Guam and others
Banquet parties and year-end parties etc.
We hold in-house Dream Contests. Awards for excellent employees to recognize improvement measures have been instituted.
Commendation for long-service
February 1, 2018 Kyotango Company Guide Book 2018 was published.
Please feel free to contact us.
Contact: Administration Department, Hirose
TEL 0772-64-3594

Senior speak

Mr. Konishi joined the company 10 years ago

- How did you decide to join Hirose Industry?
After seeing a job posting on the Hello Work portal.
By chance, I had been to the mechanical department at my high school, and without knowing anything I applied thinking that I might learn the skills to earn money.
- What is your daily work routine?
When I come to the office, first I clean the machines and warm them up with idle operations.
Then I start the actual work.
My forte is NC lathe.
I am confident about manufacturing.
- What do you do on holidays?
I play with my two children on holidays.
Playing with children is refreshing and gears me up to start working hard again from Monday.
- Please tell us about your future aspirations
I am constantly aware of the improvements in technology, mainly in NC lathes, and I would like to master surface grinding machines in the future.
The tenth year is a milestone and I want to make significant progress along with the company!

Mr. Hamada joined the company 7 years ago

- How did you decide to join Hirose Industry?
I joined this company because of the relationship of my wife with this company.
My previous job was in the civil engineering field.
I was interested in manufacturing and thought this work is suited to me.
- What is your daily work routine?
Now, I am mainly working on technical development when our company gets new work.
The feel-good moment when working is the one where you attain perfect precision.
Every job is a thrilling battle as we must work with millimeter and micron units (laughs)
- What do you do on holidays?
I like to play the guitar.
I go shopping with my wife and relax on holidays.
- Please tell us about your future aspirations
Work in the future will also undergo various changes with processes such as 24 hour-unmanned operations etc.
Irrespective of the type of work, I believe that we can contribute to the company by improving our current technology.

Mr. Matsuzaki joined the company 13 years ago

- How did you decide to join Hirose Industry?
I came to know about this work at the Employment Security Office and applied without any experience.
Somehow, that was the opportunity for me to join the company.
After joining the company, my impression was that there were many young people, which surprised me.
- What is your daily work routine?
I work at the Machining Center.
My current role is to teach my juniors, and I work hard to develop human resources.
Sometimes I get the opportunity to go to exhibitions or discuss with manufacturers, which is a great stimulus for me.
- What do you do on holidays?
I may be day-dreaming many times. (Laughs)
- Please tell us about your future aspirations
I am always keen on acquiring new technologies.
This is my motto.
Every day I work hard with the intention of shouldering the responsibility for the future of this company.
I also want my juniors to learn as much technology as I can teach.
I want to encourage junior employees to grow.

Please send inquires to the Administration Department of Hirose
TEL. 0772-64-3594