Technical Information

There is no end to technological innovation.
We continuously assimilate state-of-the-art knowledge and hand over the technology to the next generation.
In this company, every single employee can take up the challenges of new technology.


Hirose Industry carries out five promotion activities (6S, site improvements, 3T, environmental management, and occupational safety and health) with the focus on “6S Activities”
The outcome of the initiatives is reflected in our technology, and we strive to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services offered.
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Technical Information

  • Hirose Industry factory exterior
    Hirose Industry factory exterior
  • Corridors within the factory
    Corridors within the factory

Machining technique

Quality Assurance

Measurements using coordinate measuring machine
Mitutoyo OPG measuring instrument can measure automatically


Programming using CAD and CAM

Various initiatives

Various initiatives that form the base for technologies used by Hirose